Ein Fund / Bottle found in St Paul

flaschenpost no10-01 kleinerAnother message was found already a couple of weeks ago, on September 3rd in St Paul. The following message reached me via email, right in the middle of my move from Germany to England. A busy time when I did not yet have proper internet access.
Since then I have tried to contact the finder but did not receive any answer. I hope he is o.k. with me posting his words, sees this blog post, and then maybe sends the photos he mentioned. Well, here is the original message.

I found one of your bottles this afternoon on Pike Island on the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It was on the north side of the island, about 1/2 mile upstream from the tip at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi River.  GPS coordinates as follows:   44  53′ 41.00″ N  93  09′ 43.02″ W.  I was wandering around the shoreline looking for rocks and spotted the bottle.  There was a variety of debris around that spot that had been tangled up in fallen trees when the water level was high.  I found it resting on the ground next to some rocks.  The bottle stood out as something interesting, so I picked it up.  The wax seal was intact and I got it peeled off.  Fortunately, my sister’s husband had a corkscrew, because I couldn’t get the cork out with my hands.  We were pretty excited to get it open! Inside we found your note and a rubber fish stamp!  The note was labeled #9.

Thanks for the fun and I’m glad to have found it.

I read his message on the computer in M.’s office while at home unpacking boxes was still the most urgent task at hand (now it is re-arranging stuff so that it fits in the new place), and it really made my day, making me realize that I have another life that still exists somewhere, and that I will be able to get back to some time soon. Hopefully.

I would be very happy to see some of the pictures and maybe even publish them here.

Es gibt einen weiteren Flaschenfund zumelden, diesmal in St Paul, Minnesota. Es handelt sich um eine der Flaschen, die in Minneapolis abgeworfen wurden. Sehr weit ist sie also nicht gereist, aber es war ein Fund, der mich sehr gefreut hat, mit einer Nachricht von einem begeisterten Finder – und Schatzsucher, wie es klingt. Oben habe ich die Originalnachricht eingebunden. Leider hat er nicht auf meine Emails geantwortet. Ich hoffe, wir werden noch etwas von den Bildern sehen, von denen er spricht. Für jetzt schließe ich mit einem Bild vom Abwurf:

For now, I close off with a photo of the dispatch:

Two bottles traveling with the Mississippi

photo dan und deborah5Dan and Deborah helped this project along by throwing two of my bottles into the Mississippi a little south of Minneapolis to avoid the Minneapolis locks. Apparently there are a couple more dams until the Mississippi Delta, but I guess that water locks will be the least problem for the bottles, and the many islands, side arms and curves will provide enough obstacles to make it unlikely that they will even see the next lock. But who knows…

Dan und Deborah, zwei Freunde aus Minneapolis haben mir mit meinem Projekt weitergeholfen, indem sie zwei Flaschen in den Mississippi geworfen haben. Offenbar sind sie bessere Werfer als ich, denn die Flaschen haben die Bäume überwunden, wie das letzte Bild zeigt, und sind nun auf dem Weg flussabwärts.

photo dan und deborah

bottle number 9 ready for its dispatch


photo dan und deborah3

bottle number 12 getting ready for its journey

photo dan und deborah4

bottles traveling – you can see them behind the treeline.