Still there, still working

shopping carts

Different trials that remained while trying to make a miniature shopping cart.

I might have mentioned here that I am trying to make a shopping cart to put into one of my bottles, but I think it was only on Facebook. Since I have not dispatched a bottle in a while, and incidentally, also have not finished one, I thought I’d share my current struggle.

photo made in progress while making my first shopping cart model, posted on facebook on September 4th

The first thing to do when you want to make a miniature anything is to get a better idea how the thing really looks like. So I did an image search for shopping cart and found this company who makes shopping carts, and printed one of their models. I was going to make something much simpler, without a swing-out back and seat (I do not have to compactly store several of these carts or put miniature babies in), but I took one general idea from it: I would make a wire basket that would sit on a trolley thingie. In the photo above you see the trolley thingie without wheels – no idea yet how to attach these, I’ll attack one problem at a time – and the beginning of a basket on top of it. Doesn’t look too bad, I thought this could work.

However, making these baskets is much more difficulat than I thought and you might think. I ended up with what you can see in the image at the very top to the very left: While taking care of all the edges, the basket gets smaller and smaller and tends to get untidy.

Of course I had a look online at other miniature makers how they make wire baskets. – Apparently the smart thing to do is to solder them. Sounds really like a smart idea. But I am stubborn, and I want to make this work.

I tried weaving the basket – the shopping carts do look like they would be made in this shape rather than bend onto shape. Turned out impossible for me since the thin wire bends under the action of weaving. Thus I returned to the first method and tried different ways of fitting ready made wire mesh into a ring for an upper rim. The general idea seemed promising, but how do you make a 3D basket from a flat wire mesh. Do you cut it? Where? What do you do with the ends? I tried to find different solutions to this, until yesterday, I think I found the solution: Hardly any cutting at all.

shopping cart 2

basket in the making, first side done

shopping cart 3

basket ready

Only problem: Since I was so used to the basket shrinking away, I made it larger with each trial, and now that it worked, it is too large. It just so fits inside the glass, and I don’t really see me making it into a shopping cart after all.

Maybe now that I know how to do it, I’ll try again a little smaller. Or – and I prefer this idea at the moment – I start over to make not a shopping cart, but a simple shopping basket. Maybe that looks better anyway.

And then I am planning to fill it with miniature books. Well, there will be at least one, and I thought I’d make it a basket filled with just books. Or what do you think? Maybe I should add some miniature chocolate? Now that I said it, I think I have to make it! – I just hope I’ll find the time to make all this some time soon.

Box in use

my box with minature making equipment and materials