Work in Progress

wip 01

starting the assembly of a piece of furniture, made from skewers and toothpicks

wip 02

I can’t just punch holes with an awl, that would split the skewer, instead I carve small holes with a carving knife

chair drying on my table. – A bit wonky, but in a cute way, I think

next day: the glue has set, and it is time to start weaving the seat

halfway done and briefly tempted to leave it like this

wip 07

there, all done. Finished chair with a match for size comparison.

There is not much to report at the moment, no dispatches, no finds… M. and I are in the middle of purchasing a house. Contracts have already been exchanged, and if not a complete freakish accident happens, we will own it on Friday, three days from now. We won’t move in immediately since we will have to do quite a lot of refurbishment, but in the near future. And so I am getting a little antsy about posting all messaged in bottles that I have made so far and which of course still contain this mailing address. (Not as the only, notas the primary method of contacting me, of course, and with the warning that it might no longer be valid when the message is found, but still.)

I am still wrecking my brain how to put them into scene before dispatching them. – And where to toss them in. I’d be happy to hear any ideas you might have.

I still like the idea of dispatching at least some of them into the river Thames, but it is unclear when I will be in London Obviously I didn’t make it for my birthday. Mhm…