Dispatch into the North Sea from the “King Seaways”

King seaways IJmuiden, December 2011

King Seaways via Wikimedia Commons

I boarded the King of Seaways on the 29th of December in Ijmuiden (near Amsterdam) to go to North Shields (Newcastle) together with my husband and the twins to go home to Nottingham after our Christmas vacation in Germany. After our dinner on board the children got ready for bed and I dropped two of my bottles into the North Sea. I am not quite sure what time it was, maybe 8pm in the Netherlands. If that is true, then we had been sailing for about 2 or 3 hours at the time, in any case we were still much closer to the Dutch than to the English coast.

These were the last two bottles I still had prepared, carrying the numbers 83 and 75.

flaschenpost 01

a last look at the bottles, still in the cabin

flaschenpost 02

stepping out onto the promenade deck

We had our cabin on deck 11 which is rather high above the water. I went down as low as possible on the promanade deck, maybe deck 9, and there at the stern I threw the bottles over the star board, hoping that this way they won’t get struck by the propeller. In the ship’s light I could see one of them floating away, obviously surviving the fall. The other sounded o.k., but I failed to see it. – The attempt to make a photo failed, unfortunately but not unexpectedly.

The following picture was taken the next morning: Somewhere there in the East my bottles float.

flaschenpost 03

Sunrise seen from the stern of the King Seaways

Now it is time to make new bottles. I have no plans yet, so I am myself looking forward to see how the new series will look like.



Christmas Dispatch in Telgte

flaschenpost 01

In the by now traditional Christmas – Splash bottles No. 72, No. 82, and No. 85 were put into the river Ems in Telgte. All bottles are small world bottles, No. 72 the first I made, featuring the smalles book on a bed. Bottles No. 85 has the largest book, in the form of an art folder. And No. 82 is one with apples in a basket.

Originally I thought, I’d do something special with the small world bottles, maybe exhibit them before throwing them in. However, it feels like I have hung on to them for too long already, and so I am planning to put in all of the bottles I currently have. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll put in the last three bottles I still have. – Then it’ll be time for new bottles!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas!

flaschenpost 02

Me, throwing in the Christmas Bottles

Message in a Bottle No. 85

Small Worlds – The Chair.

Small World - Apple Trees (No. 82)

Small Worlds – Apple Trees

Message in a Bottle No. 72 (Take 2)

Small Worlds – The Bed


Two Dispatches in Frankfurt/Main

two hospital rooms in the making for my current book art work “346”

It has been a bit quiet here in the past weeks, and admittedly, it has been a little quiet in my studio regarding messages in bottles. As always there are several reasons for this: My children were not in school for 5 weeks during the summer. In that time I had very little time that I could spent in my studio and thus I didn’t have much time making new bottles. At the same time, because we just bought a house among other reasons we didn’t go on a holiday where I could have dispatched bottles, and thus I still have a couple here – which I would like to dispatch but maybe not in the river Trent as that hasn’t proofed a good idea so far.
And then: My bottles quite often were related to my other art work. Currently I am working on finishing a really big project. The title is “346”, and I have been working on it for about two and a half years and am finally in the finishing stage. Much of my efforts currently go in there, therefore.
In the picture above you see the start of the box that will go with two very special copies of the book. I am making miniatures for this box pretty much as we speak. – And you now can finally see how I came to make miniatures for bottles before: I was practicing and seeing what I could do. Or maybe it was the other way around, and I decided to really make such a book after I started making miniatures for bottles? Both of it is true, I guess.

flaschenpost no 077

Bottle No. 77

While I have not made more bottles, or dispatched any, others worked for me, and the bottle above and the bottle below were put into the river Main at Frankfurt last Monday. More about this in a short while. This is just some kind of heads-up, I guess. And I wanted to put something here in case someone already found one of them! As always I am wishing for finders who like and appreciate the content. And I would be happy about some kind of contact and notification when they got found.

Message in a Bottle No. 84

bottle no. 84

Some of your might remember that I met with fellow message in a bottle writer Ina (bottled fortune) in Hamburg in May. Today I saw that there is a video online of someone who found one of her bottles. The video is in German. But I guess you can get the gist of it, even if you don’t understand what he is saying. Isn’t it great how speechless he gets when he sees her letter “uoa!”

Hamburg dispatches

Bottle No. 80 Small World – The Picknick

As announced and planned for a while now, I spent the last weekend in Hamburg. I met with my mother and two of my three sisters, and we spend a grand day exploring Hamburg. On Saturday we went on a boat tour through the new and old parts of the port. In the Speicherstadt I simply dropped bottle No. 80 in. I don’t think that it will leave the Speicherstadt. It will hopefully float around a little, excite a couple of people who turn out unable to get it out, until someone manages, and contacts me.

hamburg 2016-01

Dispatch of bottle No. 80 Small World – The Picknick

On the next day was my scheduled dispatch day. I met with my sister in law Lena, and Ina from Bottled Fortune. We met at the Landungsbrücken and boarded the ferry to Finkenwerder. That is the same ferry I took three years ago. We were ver lucky with the weather.

hamburg 2016-07

Ina and I with our bottles on the sundeck of the ferry

hamburg 2016-02

bottle No. 78 “Small World – The Chair” ready to go in.

hamburg 2016-03

and there it goes

hamburg 2016-04

Ina tossing in her “puzzle bottle” – the message was cut up in at least 8 parts, from what I could see, and whoever finds it will have to piece it together first. – I like that idea!

hamburg 2016-06

Lena putting in bottle No. 79 “Small World – The Deck Chair”

And then I put in bottle No. 74 “Small World – The Suitcase” of which unfortunately there are no pictures.

I wish all our bottles good travels and kind finders. I would write a little more, about how much fun Hamburg and meeting with Ina was, about the bottles, about the happy feelings I have now that I started to let the first couple of small world bottles go. But I am so tired that I have trouble keeping my eyes open. – Maybe I’ll write more another time, maybe it will have to wait until someone finds a bottle.

I mentioned before that things are currently busy. The main thing is that we are about to move house, and I will move studio. More about that can be found on my blog here. And if you want to hear a bit more about our wonderful day in Hamburg, head over to bottled fortune. Ina did a wonderful job summing it up!

Save the date!

selbstportraitJetzt mache ich es mir mal bequem um re-blogge einfach die Ankündigung von Ina. Bei mir war viel los in letzter Zeit, von daher die Stille hier auf dem Blog. Ich hoffe, ich schaffe es demnaechst mal aufzuholen.

Das Bild zeigt mich mit meiner neuen Haarfarbe, ich werde also hoffentlich leicht zu erkennen und zu finden sein an diesem Sonntag.

For all who will manage to watch the dispatch of at least some of my miniature world bottles in Hamburg this Sunday here the last details (in German).

The photo shows me, selecting which bottles to take. Unmistakably I have a new hair colour, and should be hard to miss.

Bottled Fortune

Kommt jetzt bei mir ein bisschen spontan, denn Hilke hatte schon im März ein Treffen in Hamburg angeregt. Ich konnte erst gestern definitiv zusagen. Nun würden wir beide uns freuen, wenn sich vielleicht noch einige Flaschenpostler (und solche, die es werden wollen) für das Treffen am

Sonntag, 22.05.2016 um 12.00 Uhr in Hamburg an den Landungsbrücken am Uhrenturm

dazugesellen. Wir wollen einen Ausflug mit der Fähre machen und natürlich mindestens eine Flaschenpost aussetzen 😉


Wer also Spaß daran hat, kann jetzt noch schnell mit dem Basteln beginnen. Die nötigen Tipps dazu findet man bei Peters Beitrag Die Kunst, eine Flaschenpost zu gestalten.

Treffen an den Landungsbrücken, das Erkennungszeichen ist eine Flaschenpost in der Hand 🙂 Ich werde eine aus meiner Serie “Out of the Blue” dabei haben, allerdings ohne weihnachtliche Schleife.


Wir freuen uns auf das persönliche Kennenlernen!

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Upcoming Event: Hamburg in May

Hamburg 03

Am 22. May werde ich werde mich nach einem gemütlichen Frühstück zu den Landungsbrücken in Hamburg begeben, und dort eine Weile mit den Fähren durch die Gegend schippern und Flaschen abwerfen. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, den einen oder die andere Flaschenpostbegeisterte zum Fachsimpeln zu treffen. – Und meine miniature worlds nochmal vorzeigen bevor ich sie den Wellen übergebe! Wenn du Lust hast, melde dich doch bitte bei mir, damit wir uns auf eine Fähre einigen können 🙂 Wenn genug Zeit ist per Email, wenn nicht auch per Mobiltelefon. Die Nummer will ich allerdings nicht öffentlich hier einstellen. Also am besten bei Interesse in Kontakt treten, nach Telefonnummer fragen, und dann spontan auftauchen oder auch nicht. Ich hoffe wir sehen uns, ich freue mich schon!

004 klein

Na, mal einen Blick auf die Flasche in echt werfen, bevor ich sie ins Wasser werfe?

The next dispatch is planned, and this time I intent to really toss in some of my miniature. If you want to take a look at them before they are maybe gone forever, meet me in Hamburg, Germany on Sunday May 22nd. After a relaxed breakfast, I will board one of the ferries at Landungsbrücken und use the local water transport there to get around on the river Elbe and toss several bottles. It would be great to meet others who are interested in talking messages in bottles, book art, art, weather and whatever, and help me say farewell to the little guys.

If you think you might want to come, let me know via Email. I can then give you a mobile phone number for arrangements closer to the date. For obvious reasons I do not want to post my telefone number here.

Bottle No. 85: Small World – Woven Chair

Message in a Bottle No. 85 Woven Chair

Message in a Bottle No. 85 Woven Chair

There is the chair again, bottled, with a book as always in this small world series. If you take a close look, you can see that there is also a miniature pencil included. And I had a new idea where to put the accompaning letter: I hollowed out a bit in the cork, and put a – miniature – scroll with the text there. Because the writing is necessarily very small on the paper, I felt a little insecure about whether it stays readable, and so decided to write the web address of this blog onto the cork. – Not so sure about the look of that. Well, I really ought to “post” those bottles to see how they will hold up to water and waves.

I am just about to book flights to Hamburg in Mai. – Maybe I’ll drop them into the river Elbe after all. Or maybe just a couple? I’ll see.

Und hier ist der Esstischstuhl noch einmal, jetzt in seiner Flasche, verkorkt und versiegelt, wie üblich in dieser Small World – Serie zusammen mit einem Minibuch. Eine neue Idee, wo ich den Beibrief unterbringen will hatte ich auch: Ich habe den Korken ein wenig ausgehöhlt und dort eine kleine Schriftrolle untergebracht. Weil die Schrift darauf notwendigerweise so klein ist, habe ich auch nochmal mit schwarzem Permanentmarker die Webadresse dieses Blogs auf den Korken geschrieben. – Da bin ich mir nicht so sicher, ob mir das gefällt. Naja, ich sollte die Flaschen wirklich auf den Weg bringen, um zu sehen, wie sie Wind, Wetter und Wellen standhalten.

Ich bin gerade dabei, einen Flug nach Hamburg zu buchen, Mitte Mai. – Vielleicht schicke ich sie auf der Elbe auf die Reise, oder zumindest einige der Flaschen.