Links to Artists and their art which incorporates Messages in Bottles

Anne Berlit

Hans Panschar

Wolf Schindler

Frank Popp

Rolf Sturm

Steve Meyer

Messages in Bottles – Writers

Flaschenposten. Geschichten über Buddelbriefe. Blog von Peter Stein (aka James Ismael Kuck)

Messages in Bottles – Collectors

Tide Line Art – collects at the banks of the river Thames

Franky’s Flaschenpostmuseum – collects mainly in the river Ems, Germany

Flaschenpostamt – at river Rhine, Germany

Message in a Bottle Hunter –  lives in the US, searches at various places it seems

Miscellaneous Links

A tutorial for a message in a bottle on instructables, and another, better one in German

Message in a Bottle on Wikipedia

 Strömung in der Nordsee here you can look up the flow of the North Sea by hour and day.

Earth: a global map of wind, wether, and ocean conditions – very intuitive and beautiful graphics. Click on the list symbol on the lower left to get the map you are looking for (choose between wind, currents and waves and other options), and then zoom in to locations you are interested in.

Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s Sea Current simulation for Europe or the World. You can also see weather forecases and wind simulations there.


If you have a webpage or an art project dedicated to messages in bottles, please let me know. I am always happy to find new places online, and will be happy to add you to my list if I find it fits within these categories!

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