First Pacific dispatch

In early July, I spent a week in Taipei for a conference. Of course I sampled the local cuisine (the night market foods especially are wonderful) as well as the things I don’t get in England as often as I like:IMG_20180705_081706409_LLThey did have fairly good Laugenbrötchen. And they were on the way from my hotel to the conference venue (20 minutes walk, about as much as I could manage in the heat without stopping for a bubble tea somewhere).

The Flaschentiger had given me two bottles, so I had to find a place to throw them into moving water. Taipei offers the Tamsui river (淡水河, “freshwater river”) so I took the MRT to Longshan Temple and walked from there. IMG_20180707_102831280_HDR

Walking westwards, I ended up not on the river, but separated from it by some green that apparently protects geese.


I walked northeast for a while until I finally came to the (quite slow) river.

I had brought with me bottles 98 and 99.

They went into the Danshui River on 7/7 (solar calendar, not Double Seventh Festival. There was no bridge of birds, but several bridges made of concrete and steel nearby). The river was quite slow, but soon after all of the plain was probably flooded (there are six meter high flood barriers all around, and the floodgates were all closed and secured on 9 July) because Typhoon Maria was approaching. I managed to leave Taiwan on 10 July just before the typhoon was expected to hit. In the end, it did not make landfall in Taiwan, but the rain will still have been massive, so I expect the bottles either were smashed in heavy water or made it out into the open Pacific. I really hope they’ll be found and can’t wait to hear where they will turn up!

Toulouse dispatch

I went on a short trip to Toulouse, and Hilke gave me a bottle to take with me. Toulouse has water connections both to the Mediterranean and to the Atlantic, but as the connection to the Mediterranean is a canal (the Canal du Midi), I opted for the river Garonne instead. Pont Neuf, one of the older bridges (hence the name) seemed like a good place.


Pont Neuf, Toulouse

Here’s one of the miniature bottles on Pont Neuf, ready to go in.


A book in the shower?

I have not recorded the number, but perhaps the Flaschentiger herself can enlighten us.

On the morning of Tuesday 12 June, the bottle went into the Garonne. I checked that it was not caught in the nets close to La Daurade (I might have been able to retrieve it from there to try again), but then quickly lost it. Has it made it all the way downstream to Bordeaux and the Atlantic? Let’s hope it is found so we find out!

Bottle Bath

Last week I (Mr Buechertiger) was on a trip to Bath. Bath is not only a very beautiful city, but also has a river flowing through it, one of the many rivers called Avon. Of course I took a bottle with me.

Letzte Woche war ich in Bath, einer schönen Stadt in Südwestengland. Das römische Bad von Aquae Sulis hatte ich bei meinem letzten Besuch schon gesehen; diesmal war ich mehr zum Arbeiten da, hatte aber natürlich eine Flasche dabei.

A bottle on North Parade, Bath, Somerset.

A bottle on North Parade, Bath, Somerset.

We walked along the river towards Pulteney Bridge. This is me getting ready for throwing it in the river.

Auf einem Spaziergang durch die Stadt kamen wir auch am Avon vorbei (dem Avon, der bei Bristol in den Severn mündet, nicht der, an dem Shakespeares Geburtsort liegt).

M. and Bottle No. 43

M. and Bottle No. 43

The river was quite slow just below the weir at Pulteney Bridge, and so the bottle drifted by quite slowly.
Sehr schnell war der Fluss nicht.

Bottle XXX in the Avon

Bottle 43 in the Avon

Mal sehen, ob die Flasche es bis nach Bristol oder sogar weiter schafft.
Who knows—maybe it will be the Flaschentiger’s first bottle to reach Wales or even Ireland.

Delaware River dispatch

I am spending a couple of days in beautiful Philadelphia for a conference. Of course, I brought some bottles.

The Delaware River is just 15 blocks from my hotel and open to the Atlantic, so I hope it was a good location. It certainly looked nice, especially at night.

Philadelphia liegt zwischen Schuylkill River und Delaware River. Von meinem Hotel waren es weniger als 20 Minuten zum Delaware, und nach gutem Essen und Trinken (Philadelphia ist zum Essen gehen sehr zu empfehlen) hat mein Freund Doug mit mir noch einen spätabendlichen Spaziergang zum Fluss gemacht.

View toward Camden, NJ

View toward Camden, NJ

My friend Doug, who had suggested this place, set bottle #15 free.

Doug and bottle #15

Doug and bottle #15

I dropped an older bottle from the first batch. There was too much wax on it to read the number. (Most likely it was #8).

KT with bottle in front of the Benjamin Franklin bridge

KT with bottle in front of the Benjamin Franklin bridge

The bottles floated slowly, but seemed to be doing OK.

Wir sind zwei Flaschen losgeworden. Im Dunkeln war es nicht so einfach, gute Fotos zu machen, aber hier sieht man noch eine langsam, aber stetig wegschwimmende Flaschenpost:

Bottle in water near Penn's landing, Philadelphia

Bottle in water near Penn’s landing, Philadelphia

Doug will drop another bottle into the Schuylkill River soon. Let’s see which of the three travels farthest!

Die dritte Flasche wird demnächst im Schuylkill River landen. Mal sehen, ob sie weiter kommt als die anderen.

Misadventures with bottles in Scotland

I (the Flaschentiger’s significant other, possibly known to you as M.) took some bottles with me on a short trip to Edinburgh. Apparently they looked like yogurt drinks to the X-ray machine, so I had to show them during security check at the airport but was allowed to bring them with me. The original plan had been to drop them in the Water of Leith. However, upon inspection of the river, that did not seem so clever anymore: it is fairly small and not deep enough in the west of the city, and very slow and canal-like, with various gates where trash accumulates (and probably gets thrown away without a second look) down in Leith. I met some anglers who discouraged me from even trying to drop a bottle in the port area. They suggested to try the Western Harbour, so that is where I went. It was difficult to reach the water in the very low tide, and everything was full of slippery stones. In the end I found one basin that was open to the Firth of Forth and dropped a bottle there.

Ich (M.) hatte ein paar Flaschen auf einem Kurztrip nach Edinburgh dabei. Leider hat sich der durch Edinburgh fließende Fluss (“Water of Leith”) als wenig geeignet präsentiert. Vor lauter Ebbe und Regen habe ich dann nur eine Flasche in den Firth of Forth geworfen.

Bottle 11 before letting it go

Bottle 11 before letting it go.

I had planned to drop my remaining bottles as well if the first one looked promising. However, the bottle decided to stay almost where it dropped into the water.

Weitere Flaschen sollten folgen, falls die erste sich vielversprechend bewegt. Nach fünf Minuten war sie etwa einen Meter weit geschwommen. Auf mich zu.

Bottle with waves

Bottle 11 with the waves from dropping it into the water of the Firth of Forth.

Then it started raining so hard that I gave up, caught a bus to the city centre and stuffed myself on mussels. I hope my next bottle attempt will be a less frustrating experience.

Auf meine nächste Reise nehme ich aber wieder Flaschen mit und werde vorher ein bißchen besser planen, wo ich sie aussetze. Von einem Boot aus gefällt mir eigentlich bis jetzt am besten.