Bottle No. 104 found!

A day after the dispatch in West Bridgeford, I was contacted by the finder of bottle No. 104.

It didn’t came far when compared to bottles dropped in the ocean, of course, but for a river bottle it didn’t fare too bad, it took two turns of the river after all:

bottle 104 map 01

I dropped the bottle in near the West Bridgeford Centre, and it was found neat the Water Sports Centre

bottle 104 map 02

The way the bottle made is about 4km long.

It was a joy to read that my finder was excited about the find despite its short journey. Apparently he was walking his sister’s dog and spotted something different between the rocks on the river bank.

He didn’t seem to have any difficulties opening the bottle, and the message was still completely dry. But I must say, I would have been disappointed if it didn’t survive a day on the river.

bottle 104 from top

photo provided by the finder and used with his kind permission

It is customary for me to reveal some making of once a bottle gets found, but there’s not much to say about this one that you can’t already see: The “sea” is made from paper mache, and I painted it a bit with acrylics. The paper boat is indeed folded from a tiny piece of paper, and I then sprayed it with acrylic varnish to make it a little more resistant. And then I glued it to the “sea”.

The finder plans to add his own message and drop the bottle in after the next lock. We’ll see whether it travels further next time.

Many thanks to the finder for contacting me about the bottle. It is always so uplifing when I hear one of them gets found! This was the first of five bottles that I dropped into the river Trent of which I heard back. As some of my readers will know, I had already almost given up on the river. But maybe I’ll give it another go. For now:

Happy second leg of your travel, little paper boat!

2 thoughts on “Bottle No. 104 found!

  1. Vier Kilometer, das ist doch gar nicht mal schlecht! Und dann soll die Reise auch noch weitergehen, – wie schön!
    Ob die anderen Flaschenposten wohl auch so weit gekommen sind? Oder weiter? Genau dort wird es ja spannend: Wehr, Schleuse, Lachstreppe, – ob die Buddeln da wohl heil rüberkommen?

    • Ganz deiner Meinung. Mal schauen 🙂 Ich fand’ auch die kleine Flasche hat sich gar nicht so schlecht gemacht, mit den Biegungen, die sie genommen hat. Aber oft spricht aus den Nachrichten, die ich bekomme eine anfaengliche Enttaeuschung, wenn sich eine Flaschenpost als nur einen Tag alt entpuppt, und auch noch in der gleichen Stadt eingeworfen. Da bin ich immer froh, wenn sich trotzdem wieder Freude beim Finder breit macht – und dass es weiter gehen soll, ist doch auch schoen!

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