First Pacific dispatch

In early July, I spent a week in Taipei for a conference. Of course I sampled the local cuisine (the night market foods especially are wonderful) as well as the things I don’t get in England as often as I like:IMG_20180705_081706409_LLThey did have fairly good Laugenbrötchen. And they were on the way from my hotel to the conference venue (20 minutes walk, about as much as I could manage in the heat without stopping for a bubble tea somewhere).

The Flaschentiger had given me two bottles, so I had to find a place to throw them into moving water. Taipei offers the Tamsui river (淡水河, “freshwater river”) so I took the MRT to Longshan Temple and walked from there. IMG_20180707_102831280_HDR

Walking westwards, I ended up not on the river, but separated from it by some green that apparently protects geese.


I walked northeast for a while until I finally came to the (quite slow) river.

I had brought with me bottles 98 and 99.

They went into the Danshui River on 7/7 (solar calendar, not Double Seventh Festival. There was no bridge of birds, but several bridges made of concrete and steel nearby). The river was quite slow, but soon after all of the plain was probably flooded (there are six meter high flood barriers all around, and the floodgates were all closed and secured on 9 July) because Typhoon Maria was approaching. I managed to leave Taiwan on 10 July just before the typhoon was expected to hit. In the end, it did not make landfall in Taiwan, but the rain will still have been massive, so I expect the bottles either were smashed in heavy water or made it out into the open Pacific. I really hope they’ll be found and can’t wait to hear where they will turn up!


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