Toulouse dispatch

I went on a short trip to Toulouse, and Hilke gave me a bottle to take with me. Toulouse has water connections both to the Mediterranean and to the Atlantic, but as the connection to the Mediterranean is a canal (the Canal du Midi), I opted for the river Garonne instead. Pont Neuf, one of the older bridges (hence the name) seemed like a good place.


Pont Neuf, Toulouse

Here’s one of the miniature bottles on Pont Neuf, ready to go in.


A book in the shower?

I have not recorded the number, but perhaps the Flaschentiger herself can enlighten us.

On the morning of Tuesday 12 June, the bottle went into the Garonne. I checked that it was not caught in the nets close to La Daurade (I might have been able to retrieve it from there to try again), but then quickly lost it. Has it made it all the way downstream to Bordeaux and the Atlantic? Let’s hope it is found so we find out!


3 thoughts on “Toulouse dispatch

  1. Thanks for putting a bottle in! It was bottle number 99. Do you remember which day you put it in?

    Edit: Sorry, it was bottle number 97 (you carry 99 now? Maybe you could confirm) and I saw that I noted that you put it in on June 12. DO you think that’s correct?

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