Christmas Dispatch in Telgte

flaschenpost 01

In the by now traditional Christmas – Splash bottles No. 72, No. 82, and No. 85 were put into the river Ems in Telgte. All bottles are small world bottles, No. 72 the first I made, featuring the smalles book on a bed. Bottles No. 85 has the largest book, in the form of an art folder. And No. 82 is one with apples in a basket.

Originally I thought, I’d do something special with the small world bottles, maybe exhibit them before throwing them in. However, it feels like I have hung on to them for too long already, and so I am planning to put in all of the bottles I currently have. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll put in the last three bottles I still have. – Then it’ll be time for new bottles!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas!

flaschenpost 02

Me, throwing in the Christmas Bottles

Message in a Bottle No. 85

Small Worlds – The Chair.

Small World - Apple Trees (No. 82)

Small Worlds – Apple Trees

Message in a Bottle No. 72 (Take 2)

Small Worlds – The Bed


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