Hamburg dispatches

Bottle No. 80 Small World – The Picknick

As announced and planned for a while now, I spent the last weekend in Hamburg. I met with my mother and two of my three sisters, and we spend a grand day exploring Hamburg. On Saturday we went on a boat tour through the new and old parts of the port. In the Speicherstadt I simply dropped bottle No. 80 in. I don’t think that it will leave the Speicherstadt. It will hopefully float around a little, excite a couple of people who turn out unable to get it out, until someone manages, and contacts me.

hamburg 2016-01

Dispatch of bottle No. 80 Small World – The Picknick

On the next day was my scheduled dispatch day. I met with my sister in law Lena, and Ina from Bottled Fortune. We met at the Landungsbrücken and boarded the ferry to Finkenwerder. That is the same ferry I took three years ago. We were ver lucky with the weather.

hamburg 2016-07

Ina and I with our bottles on the sundeck of the ferry

hamburg 2016-02

bottle No. 78 “Small World – The Chair” ready to go in.

hamburg 2016-03

and there it goes

hamburg 2016-04

Ina tossing in her “puzzle bottle” – the message was cut up in at least 8 parts, from what I could see, and whoever finds it will have to piece it together first. – I like that idea!

hamburg 2016-06

Lena putting in bottle No. 79 “Small World – The Deck Chair”

And then I put in bottle No. 74 “Small World – The Suitcase” of which unfortunately there are no pictures.

I wish all our bottles good travels and kind finders. I would write a little more, about how much fun Hamburg and meeting with Ina was, about the bottles, about the happy feelings I have now that I started to let the first couple of small world bottles go. But I am so tired that I have trouble keeping my eyes open. – Maybe I’ll write more another time, maybe it will have to wait until someone finds a bottle.

I mentioned before that things are currently busy. The main thing is that we are about to move house, and I will move studio. More about that can be found on my blog here. And if you want to hear a bit more about our wonderful day in Hamburg, head over to bottled fortune. Ina did a wonderful job summing it up!

7 thoughts on “Hamburg dispatches

    • Thanks for the good wishes! As always I wish for the right kind of people for the bottles who value what they find. It would be nice to write a “message found” post again some time soon 🙂 From the last bottles I haven’t heard much.

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  2. Schöne Bilder und ein schöner Bericht. Ich denke immer an dein Wort vom Loslassen, vor allem nachdem ich mir die Detailbilder von der Entstehung verschiedener Flaschenposten angesehen hatte. Besonders beeindruckt hat mich dabei der Stuhl mit geflochtener Sitzfläche. Auch ich hoffe, dass die Hamburger Flaschen gefunden werden und wüsste gern, wo sie gerade sind!

    • Danke, freut mich, dass er dir gefaellt 🙂 Ja, mir geht es bei den Flaschen in der Tat darum, zu üben, was liebgewonnenes auch loszulassen und seinen Weg gehen zu lassen. Freut mich, dass dir der Stuhl gefällt. Den habe ich noch hier zu Hause. Mal schauen, wann und wo ich die aussetzen werde. Vielleicht in die Donau? (Mache gerade Sommerpläne).

  3. sehr schöner bericht und klasse fotos! ich freu mich, dass alles geklappt hat und wir einen schönen tag hatten. danke!
    liebe grüße, auch an lena!

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