May I introduce…

Message in A Bottle No. 79

Message in a Bottle No. 79 – “Small World: The Deckchair”

… my newest message in a bottle! Apparently I am caught in a miniature frenzy 🙂 My usual letter is hidden in the base this time:

Darf ich vorstellen…? – Meine neueste Flaschenpost. Mich scheint das Miniaturenfieber gepackt zu haben 🙂 Meine übliche Botschaft ist diesmal im Sockel versteckt:

005 kleiner

2 thoughts on “May I introduce…

    • Thanks, I am glad you like it!

      You think it should go into the sea? I am not so sure. Maybe a river is just right, the longing for a beach more important than a beach itself…

      Well, I am not sure at all. I have quite a collection of these Small World bottles now, and a couple of ideas for some more. I would like to stage something special for them, but have no idea yet what this could be, much less where.

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