Update on Summer Plans

My Summer plans are a little more concrete now. Please note the “upcoming events” page accessible from the top navigation bar to look up location where I am going to dispatch messages in bottles this summer.

I am going to be near Wells-next-the-Sea in the week after 16th August. And for the upcoming weekend I will pick one of the other tours planned. The Liverpool-Llandudno tour is currently attractive, and will get chosen in better weather, for less sunny weather I might pick Wolferton, Norfolk.

As usual, let me know if you would like to come along. The dispatches are fun. You can have a look at the bottles, and will have a chance to throw in your own.- Either bring one, or make one on spot. If I know that someone wants to come, I’ll bring some empty bottles and materials (possibly larger bottles for your mesages, to make it easier to fit in a handwritten note).

If I know that I’ll meet someone, I’ll show up. If I don’t I’ll probably decide more or less on the spot when and where to go. Of course I’ll try to keep this page up to date. – I hope I’ll see one of you guys!


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