No. 74 “Small World – The Suitase”. Work in Progress

Small World - The Suitcase, making of

Contents of message in a bottle No. 74, H. Kurzke (a click on the image brings you to ipernity where there are “notes” in the image, explaining what is what)

O.k., now I am struggling a little bit with this one. This is the third bottle for which I am making a mini book complete with props to create a little scene inside the bottle. The first was given to Wollaton library, and as a bottle with a certain recipient not very representative to this series. And the second was number No. 72 named “Small World – The Bed” was finished just the other day. In both cases all elements of the installation were glued in place, only the book is removable from the scene.

For some reason, I am hesitant to glue the parts into place with this one. Isn’t it neat that all the part could come apart? There is the suitace, and cut from paper two pairs of trousers and three shirts. There are a little leather belt and a paper tie. I so would like to add something representing socks, but I failed to find something convincing. There is a piece of paper that looks like a newspaper page, and of course there is the central piece, the book (with content, of course, which I regards as the main content of the bottle, and thus won’t be revealed until someone finds it). But then, I don’t really know how to do this without glueing most of the parts into place. Just one tumble on the waves, and everything will just fly about in the bottle. I am considering tying it down somehow rather than glueing it. But that will be hard to do and unreliable.

Message in a Bottle No. 74 by H. Kurzke, putting in the letters

So my question to you today: If you found such a bottle. Would you be dissappointed if all these things were glued down inside the suitcase (the book would still come free and be usable, of course)?

All in all I must say, I am rather happy with how the suitcase turned out. My pride is the tiny buckle which I formed from half a staple, essentially bending it with my fingers.

Flasche Nummer 74 (yep, ich habe zwischendurch eine gemacht, die ich noch nicht vorgezeigt habe) soll den Titel “Small World – The Suitcase” also, “kleine Welt – der Koffer” tragen. Dies ist die dritte Flasche, in die ich ein kleines Büchlein in einer Mini-Installation hineinlege. Die erste war die Nr. 45 für Wollaton Library, die zweite Nr. 72 mit dem Titel Small World – The Bed ist erst vor kurzem fertig geworden. Die Bücher haben natürlich Text und sind voll funktionsfähig. Bislang habe ich immer alle Teile der Installation in der Flasche festgeklebt, und nur das Buch konnte herausgenommen werden.

Bei dieser Flasche hier kämpfe ich allerdings ein bisschen mit mir: Es wäre so hübsch, wenn all diese Dinge: 2 Hosen, 3 Hemden, ein Gürtel, ein Schlips, eine Zeitung und natürlich das Buch, beweglich blieben. Und auch den Koffer mag ich irgendwie nicht auf den Teppich kleben. Aber ich weiß auch nicht so recht, was ich sonst machen soll. Festbinden vielleicht, oder einfach locker lassen, und in Kauf nehmen, dass das eben alles durcheinanderwirbelt in der Flasche.

Deshalb heute ein Frage an alle (potentiellen) Flaschenpostfinder: Wärst du enttäuscht, wenn du so eine Flasche findest, und die Gegenstände alle festgeklebt sind?

Im Großen und Ganzen muss ich allerdings sagen, bin ich sehr zufrieden damit, wie der Koffer so geworden ist. Besonders stolz bin ich auf die winzige Schnalle, die ich aus eine halben Tackerklammer im wesentlichen mit den Fingern gebogen habe (und mich dabei mehr als einmal kräftig in die Finger gestochen habe. – Autsch!).

As you can see, I decided to create a little more stable underground for the suitcase: The accompaning letters are put into a base to which the carpet was glued.

Message in a Bottle No. 74 by Hilke Kurzke, making of. This is how the suitcase will sit inside the bottle.

To be quite honest: while writing up this post here, I acutally made up my mind about the question whether to glue or not to. But I would still love to hear what you think about it: Glue, tie, or let fly?

Ganz ehrlich: Während ich diesen Artikel hier geschrieben habe, habe ich eine Entscheidung getroffen. Aber ich würde trotzdem gerne deine Meinung hören: Festkleben, anders befestigen (binden) oder ganz loose lassen?

9 thoughts on “No. 74 “Small World – The Suitase”. Work in Progress

  1. I think it would be nice to leave al the things loose in the suitecase and close it / tie the suitecase close. If that is possible.

    • Yes, it is possible to close the suitcase, and I considered that scenario: But where to put the book? Inside the suitcase, outside? I was thinking of putting it on top of the suitcase, but all in all that just wasn’t what I wanted from the scene. A half opened suitcase gives a much different atmosphere I think, than a packed one.
      In any case thanks a lot for your comment. You helped me think about my problem, and I always love to hear from readers! Most people who commented were in favour of keeping items removable, and I will take that into consideration for the next piece.

  2. You are one talented / creative person. All of your message in a bottle are so fun. Quite the imagination. Keep up the great work. I am the one that found # 60 just a few minutes after it was tossed in the River here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I had said i was going to add something to it from here & reseal it & toss it back in the waters. But i have been convinced not to do that. So It sits my bookcase & a conversation piece now, where it will stay. Everytime i look at it, i think of you & it brings a smile to my face. Thank you again, Sincerely D.L.T

    • Hello Donna,

      great to hear from you again! It makes me very happy to know that you appreciate my little bottle this much 🙂 This is all I wished it to be. I think it has just reached its destination.
      But I back up Cathryn: Maybe you could just make your own message and set that afloat. Who knows what might happen.

  3. Sorry about typo in previous comment: my new cat is helping me to type.
    I like Laura’s idea of somehow closing the suitcase but leaving the contents loose. You have made such lovely little things to go in it!

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