Messages in Bottles No. 60-71

banner flaschenpost no 61-71

Bottles No. 61-70

As mentioned earlier, I am planning and preparing several larger dispatches in the summer. Beside planning trips (check current plans by clicking on “upcoming events” in the upper navigation bar) this means making new bottles, of course. Above you can see bottles numbered 61-71 which are currently sitting in a box in my studio, patiently waiting for a release. Bottle No. 60 is currently travelling to Canada. Unfortunately I failed to take an image before sending it off.

But the remaining bottles have had their photo shooting the other day, so let me show you the bottles from a little closer:

Wie schon früher angemerkt, plane ich zur Zeit mehrere größere Abwürfe von Stränden in England und Wales. Neben Reiseplänen (siehe “upcoming events” in der oberen Navigationsleiste) bedeutet das natürlich vor allem, Flaschen machen. Im Bild oben sind Flaschen 61-71 zu sehen, die warten gerade noch, in einem Karton verstaut, auf ihren Abwurf im Sommer. Flaschen Nummer 60 ist gerade auf dem Weg nach Kanada. Leider habe ich vergessen, vorher ein Foto zu machen.

Aber die verbleibenden Flaschen haben vorgestern ihr Fotoshooting hinter sich gebracht:

Bottles No. 60-64

flaschenpost no 063-01 klein und crop

Message in Bottle No. 63

Bottles No. 60-64 are “sibblings”, sharing part of their content. Since they also look very much the same, I figured it would suffice to show you just one of them. In the ipernity-album you can find images of all of them.

Bottles 65, 66

Message in a Bottle No. 65

Message in a Bottle No. 65

Messages 65 and 66 are different, but their covers were cut from the same screenprint, and thus they look kind of similar. They also contain the same type of gift. But I shall not say any more than that 🙂

Die Nachrichten in Flaschen 65 und 66 sind verschieden, aber die Cover sind aus dem selben Siebdruck herausgeschnitten.

Message in a Bottle No. 66

Message in a Bottle No. 66


Bottles 67-70

flaschenpost no 067-01 kleiner crop

Message in a Bottle No. 67

Bottles with a classic look: Cover with a fish stamp on it. They are all individually cut stamps, of course.

flaschenpost no 068-02 kleiner crop

Message in a Bottle No. 68

Teil meiner klassischen Serie: Cover mit Fish-Stempel.

Message in a Bottle No. 69

Message in a Bottle No. 69

Message in a Bottle No. 70

Message in a Bottle No. 70

Flasche 71

Message in a Bottle No. 71

Message in a Bottle No. 71

Title: Infiltrating the Library.

Ein einzelnes Einzelstück diesmal, mit dem Titel “Infiltrating the Library”

2 thoughts on “Messages in Bottles No. 60-71

  1. Bottle #60 is safely in Canada, although it missed one plane due to delays with the first flight. It will be photographed before launching as well as during. Pictures and the story of the launch coming soon!

    • Glad to hear that you made it safely back home. Bother about the missed flight, though. I am looking forward to seeing the release of the bottle, but there is no immediate rush, so take you time, and enjoy being back home.

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