Dispatch in Glasgow

project message in a bottle by H. Kurzke

bottle number 46 ready to go

project message in a bottle by H. Kurzke

the bottle is taking a swim with some ducks

project message in abottle

bottle number 42 ready to jump, or rather, be tossed

project message in a bottle

M. while throwing in bottle number X. I remember I gave him a bottle with stars in it. Maybe it was number 44?

Three bottles were dispatched a week ago in Glasgow. Unfortunately I don’t know for sure which three they were, and where and when exactly they were put into a river. I hope M. will chime in when he finds’s time, and add the missing data.

Edit: Apparently it was only two bottles that went into the water. So above you see M. throwing in bottle number 42.

2 thoughts on “Dispatch in Glasgow

  1. A short correction before I get back to marking exam scripts: I tossed only two bottles, number 46 from a bridge in Kelvingrove Park into the Kelvin, and number 42 from the South Portland Street suspension bridge (close to Glasgow Central station) into the Clyde.

    The Kelvin is pretty shallow where I dropped the bottle (so I was afraid it might break, but it didn’t), and I am not sure that bottle will make it into the Clyde a bit downstream of the other. But anyway, the Clyde seems open from Glasgow to the sea, so we’ll see what the currents of the Firth of Clyde will do to the bottles.

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