No 42 once more

In myflaschenpost no 042-01In my last post I showed you how I opened bottle No. 42 again and by now I closed it again. The wax cap is still missing and will be added tonight. The paper that you can see in the bottle is actually not paper but parchment. Parchment like the stretched skin of an animal. Now what I need is an opportunity to set it afloat.

In meinem letzten Blogpost habe ich gezeigt, wie ich Flasche No. 42 nochmal geöffnet habe. Mittlerweile habe ich sie wieder zugemacht. Das Papier, das du in der Flasche sehen kannst ist keines. Es handelt sich um Pergament, Pergament wie in Tierhaut.
Alles was jetzt noch fehlt ist eine gute Gelegenheit, sie ins Wasser zu werfen. Unser Urlaub ist mittlerweile auch gebucht, an der englischen Ostküste. Da werden wohl einige Fläschchen dann landen.

4 thoughts on “No 42 once more

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  2. Found bottle no 42 while fishing on 15th May under the Erskine Bridge. Can you tell me were it went info the Clyde?

    • Hi Edward,

      how exciting, thanks for letting me know that you found the bottle! It was thrown into the Clyde in Glasgow from the South Portland Street suspension bridge (close to Glasgow Central station) almost a year ago. Here is the blogpost (with photos) about the dispatch:

      Since it has been so long, I suspect it has been stuck in the mud? How did you find it? Probably it must have been hard to spot. Were the contents still dry?


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