Bottle Bath

Last week I (Mr Buechertiger) was on a trip to Bath. Bath is not only a very beautiful city, but also has a river flowing through it, one of the many rivers called Avon. Of course I took a bottle with me.

Letzte Woche war ich in Bath, einer schönen Stadt in Südwestengland. Das römische Bad von Aquae Sulis hatte ich bei meinem letzten Besuch schon gesehen; diesmal war ich mehr zum Arbeiten da, hatte aber natürlich eine Flasche dabei.

A bottle on North Parade, Bath, Somerset.

A bottle on North Parade, Bath, Somerset.

We walked along the river towards Pulteney Bridge. This is me getting ready for throwing it in the river.

Auf einem Spaziergang durch die Stadt kamen wir auch am Avon vorbei (dem Avon, der bei Bristol in den Severn mündet, nicht der, an dem Shakespeares Geburtsort liegt).

M. and Bottle No. 43

M. and Bottle No. 43

The river was quite slow just below the weir at Pulteney Bridge, and so the bottle drifted by quite slowly.
Sehr schnell war der Fluss nicht.

Bottle XXX in the Avon

Bottle 43 in the Avon

Mal sehen, ob die Flasche es bis nach Bristol oder sogar weiter schafft.
Who knows—maybe it will be the Flaschentiger’s first bottle to reach Wales or even Ireland.


4 thoughts on “Bottle Bath

  1. I am in possession of bottle 43! My fianćee found it as we were walking along sandbay beach near Weston-super-Mare. It was amongst lots of sea debris, lucky find 🙂 thought I’d take the time to let you know where your bottle landed.


    • Hello Andy,

      thanks for letting me know! – So the bottle made it surprisingly far. I am happy to hear that you were able to find it among the debris, these bottles are rather small, and I imagine hard to spot. I hope you enjoyed it!


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