Tossing three bottles from the Humber Bridge

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Apologies again for the last blogpost being solely in German. I was in a hurry to finish it, since I only came back home on Sunday to leave on Monday for Nottingham. My plan was to toss three bottles into the North Sea from the ferry (Rotterdam → Hull), however, there were warning signs everywhere, warning that is was illegal to throw anything over board. So instead I decided to toss them from top of the Humber Bridge instead.

Humber Bridge, West Walkway

It was hubby me and the twins in the car. We first crossed the bridge by car, then parked in the Humber Bridge Park, and I walked onto the bridge while M. was entertaining the kids. It took me a quarter of an hour until I stood where I took the above photo. So unfortunately I didn’t make it to the middle of the bridge. My guess is that I crossed in to a third. Then I dropped a first bottle to see whether it would survive the fall.

Humber Bridge and Bottle No. 18

It did, so I also tossed in the last two bottles that I had prepared:

Humber Bridge and Bottles numbered 24 and 31

I am not sure what the tide was. It clearly was not high water since I could see the mud on the banks. I believe (and hope) the water was still retreating. Unfortunately the wind was blowing hard (I stumbled over my blown about legs a couple of times) onto the bank I was nearer to. Well, it could not be helped. Now I am waiting for replies…

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