Delaware River dispatch

I am spending a couple of days in beautiful Philadelphia for a conference. Of course, I brought some bottles.

The Delaware River is just 15 blocks from my hotel and open to the Atlantic, so I hope it was a good location. It certainly looked nice, especially at night.

Philadelphia liegt zwischen Schuylkill River und Delaware River. Von meinem Hotel waren es weniger als 20 Minuten zum Delaware, und nach gutem Essen und Trinken (Philadelphia ist zum Essen gehen sehr zu empfehlen) hat mein Freund Doug mit mir noch einen spätabendlichen Spaziergang zum Fluss gemacht.

View toward Camden, NJ

View toward Camden, NJ

My friend Doug, who had suggested this place, set bottle #15 free.

Doug and bottle #15

Doug and bottle #15

I dropped an older bottle from the first batch. There was too much wax on it to read the number. (Most likely it was #8).

KT with bottle in front of the Benjamin Franklin bridge

KT with bottle in front of the Benjamin Franklin bridge

The bottles floated slowly, but seemed to be doing OK.

Wir sind zwei Flaschen losgeworden. Im Dunkeln war es nicht so einfach, gute Fotos zu machen, aber hier sieht man noch eine langsam, aber stetig wegschwimmende Flaschenpost:

Bottle in water near Penn's landing, Philadelphia

Bottle in water near Penn’s landing, Philadelphia

Doug will drop another bottle into the Schuylkill River soon. Let’s see which of the three travels farthest!

Die dritte Flasche wird demnächst im Schuylkill River landen. Mal sehen, ob sie weiter kommt als die anderen.

3 thoughts on “Delaware River dispatch

  1. A bit belated… I don’t know how I missed this before! This brought such a smile. A very dear friend from my university days came from a town in New Jersey just across the Delaware from Philadelphia. I visited her family there, many years ago, in their home literally right next to the Delaware River (it was across from their house). We spent time going around Philadelphia. Such happy memories! Her parents are now gone, and she no longer lives there, but I know they would’ve loved your bottle project! I do hope your bottles wander far and are found. (And that you enjoyed Philly!)

    • Hi Ellen,

      glad to hear this post triggered fond memories! I wish I had been there to see Philly, unfortunately I only made it to the airport so far, where I had to catch a connecting flight and I had no time for a visit of the city itself. While hubby was visiting there, I stayed behind with the kids…

      Greetings from across the pond (and a major landmass),

  2. Thanks for clearing that up… I was puzzled at the thought of you traveling so far recently… now I realize we have more than one writer posting here! 🙂

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