Finished a Second Batch of Bottles

second batch of messages in bottles


Heute habe ich einen neuen Schwung Fläschchen fertig bekommen. Viel Spaß mit den Bildern! Leider fehlt mir gerade die Zeit, den ganzen Blogartikel zweisprachig zu schreiben. Demnächst auch wieder mehr auf deutsch…

I finished a second batch of bottles today, here they are standing in the evening sun beside my studio window. As you can see, there are two with fish, the main theme in the last batch, and those were already finished some time ago. Today I made those with the feathers, prints from the last week. Then there is a remake of one of the bottles from last week. It is not identical, but very similar. I must admit that not all are completely original. This one was meant to be an improvement to the last one, and while I still think it will work better for the finder, if there will be one, the first one sure looked nicer.  Maybe I’ll have  third go the next time.

The one dearest to me from this batch is on the very left, and I very much hope this will get found! While I vowed not to show you the contents of the bottles before they get found, here is one just before sealing it:

flaschenpost no15-01 kleiner

This time the bottles are closed really carefully. Each one is closed with a cork which I covered with a special grease called barrel sealant  which makes is less or not at all penetrable by water. The cork is then sealed to the glass with sealing wax:

sealed bottleAnd then I covered them with the waxed cotton plus another layer of wax just like before.

I don’t know for sure yet when and where those will get submitted to water. Probably they won’t get thrown into the Rhine, and at least some of them are scheduled to hit the Water of Leith later this week. I’ll let you know when I know more.


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